Certified Health IT Product List: A Case Study

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Utilizing the Certified Health IT Product List In a review of the Certified Health IT Product List (CHPL), findings indicate that it is a worthy start to the search for a suitable Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. and It allows the searcher to indicate Ambulatory or Inpatient practice types. Products are tapered by selecting certifications and CRMs Furthermore, there is an option to select between modular EHRs or complete EHRs. This system lists 1,077 modular products and 639 complete EHRs for the Ambulatory category. From the home page there is an option to download the list for all certified EHRs for both practices and receive more information on a product, such as if it is inactive or active and what year it came out in order to determine if it meets current regulations. Also on the homepage is a link to ONC certification testing information. On the home page and the list page there is the option to search by vendor name or CHPL product id, in addition there is an option to see all products. On the CHPL list page there is an arrow at the top after you select the product that expresses the percentage of the base criteria percentage for CQM certification. There is also a view progress button the provides more information to the searcher.…show more content…
For instance, Connect BuildYourEMR is one product that is in the list for complete Ambulatory modules. The product name page provides vender information, certifying body, and CHLP id number among other information. There are 43 license criteria for certification and 14 clinical quality measures. If one were to click on Testing Results, there is further information on performance for compliance measurements and an ample amount of resources on the information provided on the page for a person requiring EHR. The information in testing results will show if a product has MEDCARE or other

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