Grocery Shop Swot Analysis

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As a third world country which is under developing and was a poor country is becoming one of the medium earning countries in the world. And with the development of the country the People of Bangladesh is having a lot of opportunity for surfing internet. Nowadays almost every single person from any corner of the country is connected with internet. We should thank the mobile companies for giving this facility to any kind of people. Even they are providing free internet to connect with social network. For this reason, even the illiterate person also has a social network ID and can connect with the world. So, i think it is high time, Mr. Rahim start an online based grocery house. A lot of competitors, who have showroom and other facilities, also opened E-Commerce based groceries store. For example: Meena bazaar, hatbazar etc. They have opened website and social network Fan page. So now a person doesn’t have to go the market to know the price of goods. And hundreds of new online grocery shop is growing day by day. So, it will be like now or never. Before few…show more content…
But I'll need an extraordinary Business Strategy to be successful in this business. But yet there's always risk in any kind of business. So there's weakness of this business as well as strength. The main weakness of this business is that the people of Bangladesh are not very familiar with this kind of service. And since there's no physical shop available, it will be tougher for me to gain trust of the customer. And many customers like the traditional way and that is selecting and checking the product from a vast amount of collection. So, we have to rich in collection. And we have to take all the samples and good qualities that a customer may ask. Moreover, we have to be very friendly to the customers. And since this service is very convenient to the customers, they will be customers will be changed, convinced very

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