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With every career you will run into some problems. With Law enforcement some of those problems could cost you your life. There are many little problems that law enforcement officers run into every day, but some of the more major problems are protest, what type of force to use when dealing with a subject, people that don’t respect the law or the people who enforce the law, and the force behind the media. With protest now, they are getting more dangers every time. It’s hard for law enforcement to control any crowd when the crowd usually has at least twice as many people as the cops do. The law enforcement personnel has to have a plan on how they’re going to control the crowd and what they are going to do if the crowd gets violent. With that planning ahead and training is a big part of that. If the law enforcement does have the right training or a plan then things could get out of hand very fast if the large crowds start to become violent. This also kind of leads into what type of…show more content…
The officer is trained to use enough force to get the situation under control. Officers should never use deadly force unless the officer feels like the subject is going to take the officers life or someone around. The problem with this is the officer never knows what that subject is reaching for and the officers are just reacting on gut feelings sometimes. With this if people would just respect law enforcement personnel than interactions between the public and law would go a lot smoother. Most people get themselves in more trouble because they don’t respect the officer. This is a problem for the officers because they don’t know if the subject isn’t following commands because they’re hiding something or just because they don’t care enough to listen. The officer has to treat each interaction with the most caution, it could just be someone that doesn’t respect the law or someone who is hiding a gun in their waste

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