Bhopal City Case Study

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CHAPTER 5 DATA COLLECTION GENERAL STUDY AREA In this study Bhopal city was selected as the study area for the analysis. Bhopal is the state capital of Madhya Pradesh with a population of 1,795,648 as per provisional reports of the 2011 Census, of which male and female are 939,560 and 856,088 respectively. Although Bhopal city has a population of 1,795,648, its urban or the metropolitan population is 1,883,381 of which 985,408 are males and 897,973 are females (Census, 2011). According to current master plan, the municipality covers around 697 square kilometers. Figure 5.1 shows the google map view of Bhopal city. Bhopal has a humid subtropical climate, with cool, dry winters, a hot summer and a humid monsoon season. Figure 5.1: Google…show more content…
Bhopal has its own city bus service operated by Bhopal City Link Limited. In addition, around 600 mini buses are run by private operators. Metro or Radio Taxi and auto-rickshaws are another major means of transport. In some parts in the old as well as new city, the new Tata Magic Vans are running successfully and have replaced the older and bigger diesel rickshaws known as "Bhat" in the year 2010. Bhopal has India's longest Bus Rapid Transit System, which became functional from the year 2013. Bhopal city was chosen as the study area because it is the city where the bicycling facilities are lacking that is there are no facilities for the bicycle users such as bicycle tracks, bicycle parking facilities in this…show more content…
The designed questionnaire is checked for its validity using the factor analysis in SPSS. The minimum criterion that must be satisfied by a valid questionnaire form is the check of multicollinearity and reliability analysis of the questionnaire. Multicollinearity is detected by analyzing the determinant of the R-matrix. The heuristic is that the determinant of the R-matrix should be greater than 0.00001 (Andy Field, 2009) However, Haitovsky (1969) proposed a significance test of whether the determinant is zero the matrix is singular. If this test is significant it tells us that the correlation matrix is significantly different from a singular matrix, which implies that there is no severe multicollinearity. The value of the determinant was------- which indicates no chance of mullticollinearity in the questionnaire. The reliability of a questionnaire is measured by Cronbach’s alpha (α) value and generally a questionnaire with an α of 0.8 is considered reliable (Field, 2009). The reliability of the designed questionnaire was found to be ------ which satisfied the minimum

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