Green Light In The Great Gatsby

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Page 20-21. Gatsby’s first appearance in the novel portrays him stretching his arms out to a “minute” green light, far across the bay. CM. The first description of Gatsby depicts him yearning to touch a “minute” green light. Green: the color of money, the start of a new season, and the color of greed and envy. As he stretches out his arms to try and grasp this insignificant light across the bay, he also reaches for Daisy - attempting to secure her in his life, a goal that consumed the past few years of his life. Page 92. Gatsby reveals to Daisy that without the interference of mist, a product of nature, that she would be able to see a green light at the end of her dock. Page 93. As Gatsby reveals the green light to Daisy, the “colossal” significance it meant to him faded away.…show more content…
The moment Gatsby decides to expose the green light to Daisy, he lets go of a dream that had evaded him for several years. The green light had signified the money Daisy possessed, and the new life he could create with her, and the envy he felt towards Tom, who “stole” her away from him. But as he attempted to divulge this secret, the mist which indicates that nature never intended Gatsby to have his new life with Daisy, appeared over the lake and disrupted their view. Even though the scene was blocked, the act of telling Daisy about the green light diminished its significance, releasing Gatsby of the jealously he kept inside for years, believing that he finally achieved his goal of
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