Nativism In The 1920s Essay

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Nativism in the 1920’s was harsh for Jewish and Chinese immigrants trying to settle in the “New Land.” Not to mention that lives for Hispanic immigrants in the present 21st Century is also quite the same today. Both events tend to have some differences in them but in the end, both share a common point. That is that History, even after a long period of time, has its way of repeating itself. In the 1920’s, many Jews and Chinese immigrants were being judged due to their language, heritage and culture. At the time, Jews were coming into the USA in huge numbers because they wanted to escape prosecutions that were occurring back home. Many natives(Americans) said they had no problems with the Jews coming in but that they were worried about what…show more content…
Many of those happen to be hispanic. In saying so, Mexicans are usually the race that is thought of when the word “hispanic” is said. In today’s world, hispanics are usually discriminated and stereotyped just by being themselves. Alot of hispanics cross the border in an effort to enter the United States and create a better life not only for themselves but for their family as well. Many natives still say that “Mexicans aren’t assimilating” and that they are still “hurting the economy.” Just like when the spanish came to the Americas, many natives think that hispanics are also bringing diseases into their country. There are a lot of judgemental and racist comments that are thrown at these hispanic immigrants. Natives still say that hispanics are taking their jobs, that they don’t pay their taxes and that they gain benefits without doing absolutely nothing. Many just assume that hispanics are dumb and don’t have the capability of Americanizing. To help in this matter, the state of Arizona issued a law to help in anti-immigration. This law is called the SB 1070 and it allows police officers to question anyone who isn’t or doesn’t “look” like a native. It states that any immigrant that is found in Arizona without proper documentation could be deported and sent back to their country of origin. Still many immigrants are arriving in the country with

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