City Of The Sun Chapter 1 Summary

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In Tommaso Campanella’s, “City of the Sun”, Campanella gives a detailed description of the City of the Sun. The description is from the eyes and perspective of a Genoese Traveler. The City of the Sun is speculated to be located somewhere in the Indian Ocean on the Equator. The story begins with a Genoese traveler being questioned by a knight of the Order of Hospitalers of Saint John. The Genoese begins by describing his visit to the City of the Sun, which is a utopian state. He starts off by describing the city itself. The city is basically an ordered city built on a hill. It is defended by a series of seven great circular walls. On these walls are paintings, an early visual aid for purposes of teaching. Each circle has its own name, which is named after…show more content…
This is because everything within the city is designed and made to be a teaching aid, of some sort. They teach useful information and values of the City of the Sun. Once he finished the physical description, the Genoese traveler goes into explaining the city’s organization, stating that, “everything is arranged so as to offer order, security and companionship to all of its inhabitants”. The Genoese traveler admires the City of the Sun, where there is no poverty, almost no crime and very little vice. Everyone serves the state and they receive everything from the state. Everyone is neither rich nor poor, since there is no private ownership allowed. Almost everyone dresses alike; live in dormitories and every six months move to new dormitories. They eat communally and eat simple and healthy food and all of the young must wait on the others to finish eating. This healthy life style allows the residents to live extremely long lives. Most of the people of the Sun are presented as being happy with their existence, including having to follow the rules. In the City of the Sun, the people have a religion similar

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