Greek Victory In The Odyssey

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Victory! Victory for the Greeks! The Greeks won against the Persians in The Battle of Marathon on September 11th, 490 B.C. A Greek foot soldier stated “ We won! We actually won! I can’t believe we won!” This event happened, because the Ionian city-states Miletus, Ephesus, and Halicarnassus revolted against Persia and asked the Greeks for help. From the day the Greeks agreed to help the Persians Darius, the king of Persia, swore revenge against the Greeks. King Darius crossed the Aegean Sea with his soldiers. He landed at Marathon. The Persians lay in wait for Greeks to take the bait and attack them, but the Greeks are too smart to fall for the bait. They knew the odds of them winning were very slim since they only had 10,000 soldiers and Persia

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