Greek And Roman Influence On Western Civilizations

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Many of the defining features of Western civilization can be attributed to the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. The legacy of the Greeks and Romans helped mold modern Western nations’ culture, politics, legal systems, and philosophical beliefs. Our modern security, trade, and currency systems draw from those of the ancient Greeks and Romans. The Greek and Roman approach to security helped mold that of the West. The Greek city-states and the Roman Empire both had strong military forces. Their demonstration of military power showed the rest of the world that they would protect their land and people, so it was a lot easier for them to control their enemies. This is a tactic that the West still uses today. For example, the United States has one of the best and modern armies in the world, and it mainly uses its military to protect others. Using this tactic, the ancient Greeks and Romans were able to expand both of their empires easily without always having to go to war, because other nations simply wanted to be protected from other hostile groups. The early Greeks and Romans also opened up many trade routes, increasing access to goods that they would not have had otherwise. This also helped them control other populations and influence their culture. Other empires realized that if they allowed the Greeks and Romans to control or have power over…show more content…
Instead of having several different types of currency to keep up with, which complicated transactions, everyone under the control of a Greek city-state or the Roman Empire had one or just a few currencies. Currency allowed people to pay for services instead of trading a service for a service. Currency is wide spread in the world today, with just about every nation having some type of currency. If it were not for the ancient Greeks and Romans, the West still might be trading a service for a

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