Examples Of Conflicts In The Odyssey

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The main conflict in The Odyssey written by Homer was human vs supernatural. Every time Odysseus tried to get back home he would be stopped. “All hands aboard: come, clear the beach and no one taste the Lotus, or you will lose your hope of home.” When they got to the Lotus Eaters, and they ate the Lotus, they would not want to go home anymore. If Odysseus had eaten it than his hope of going home would be gone. They took the crew that did eat the Lotus and he tried to save them so they could go back home. When Odysseus got to Circe’s Island it was very hard for them to get home. When his men ate or drank her food they turned into animals, and were not able to leave the island. “ Never has any other man withstood my potion, never, once it's past his lips and he has drunk it down.” Circe says this after Odysseus did not turn into an animal. Odysseus compromised with her and she changed his men back, promising not to…show more content…
Throughout his whole journey he thought of ways to keep he and his crew safe and took risks to do whatever needed to be done so that he and his men could return home. “My name is Nobody, Mother, father and friends, everybody calls me Nobody.” This quote shows he was clever because if he had told the Cyclops his name was Odysseus it could be used against him. If the Cyclops went on to tell someone about who stabbed him in the eye, everyone would just think that nobody did it. “Lugging it near the Cyclops a more natural force nerved them: straight forward they lifted it and rammed it deep into his eye.” This shows Odysseus’ bravery. Knowing that if the Cyclops woke up they would all die, he and his crew still stabbed the Cyclops and managed to get away. I would love to meet Odysseus because he is truly caring for himself and the others he is with. I know that if I got into any trouble with Odysseus he would find a way

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