Hunger, A Literary Analysis

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Have you ever dreamed something so bad that you wish it were deleted from your mind? You wished you woke up in the morning with no recollection of the nightmare. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen to a bunch of teenagers and children. In the book Hunger it has been 3 months since all the adults and teenagers at least fifteen years of age have suddenly disappeared from thin air. There is a huge dome that is surrounding Perdido Beach and Coates Academy where they live. There is no connection to the outside world and suddenly kids are developing powers. Furthermore, there is a tremendously low supply of food and everyone is starving. Presently, Sam Temple (the leader of Perdido Beach) and his enforcements are trying to coerce their adversary out of the power plant. Caine (the leader of Coates Academy and Sam’s brother) the adversary of Perdido Beach is in the plant to shut off the power to Perdido Beach. During the conflict in the power plant, Lana (a healer of Perdido Beach) is trying to destroy the darkness (an evil magical force in the forest) because it is driving her crazy. The characters have 3 important searches. One, Sam is searching and desiring for his family, also Lana and Caine are searching for the darkness, and everyone else inside the dome is searching for food. The characters Lana and Caine are searching for the…show more content…
Sam has been like an adult for the rest of the children in Perdido Beach. He has no time for himself except when he is sleeping. He is so tired of making promises that he cannot keep. An example was when he was in the cabbage field and he promised Orc (a huge kid that lives in Perdido Beach) that if he picked up cabbages he would give him beer for his work. After Orc did what he was told, Sam realized that he doesn’t have any more beer. When he realized that he said to himself, “Not maybe my proudest day.” Sam just wants his mother back and to have a life like

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