What Does The Blue Coupe Symbolize In The Great Gatsby

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An object that has three sides and corners. Perhaps a triangle is the first thing that will come in mind, or rather it be the illuminati. Now, imagine yourself back in the 1920s in New York. You see automobiles parked on the side of the road. One thing you expected from the appearance is the color. Symbols has many meaning for one object. One show the way of its meaning, the other show what it represented. Some people believe that in the book “The Great Gatsby,” Gatsby car ran over Myrtle which gave risk to Gatsby life. Tom recall that he didn’t drove the yellow car, but insist blue coupe. Tom told Daisy to go ride on Gatsby's car before the accident happen. So, Tom prevent Wilson from knowing that he did rode on Gatsby car during that afternoon Behind the wheel of the yellow car was Daisy Buchanan who hit Myrtle Wilson. Daisy mislook at the green light coming from her dock as a green traffic light. The green light over the dock was blinking at the moment Daisy accidently run over Myrtle when she should have stop.…show more content…
In conclusion, Gatsby going through a rough time of his life after coming back after WWI just to be with Daisy. In “The Great Gatsby”, the green light is easily mistaken for its appearance. Daisy roadkill Myrtle when to believe she drive through green light. The green light that Daisy saw was not from the traffic light, but far from her dock. Thus, she was careless to view the traffic light. Daisy as a careless driver who did not check the road ahead. Looking at the wrong signal light which cause a major accident. She was just a reckless person who drive too fast to check. The green light at Daisy’s dock represent the misfortune at the wrong signal. Daisy mistake not only cause death to Myrtle, but also Gatsby. Daisy herself is death that she can’t show her true feeling to Gatsby and kept in within her. In conclusion, Daisy not only show careless, but also being

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