Brine Shrimp Lab Report

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In this lab I learned which salt solution brine shrimp thrived in and what the uses of brine shrimp are. My hypothesis was that the saltiest solution would have the highest number of hatched shrimp. My hypothesis was proved to be correct because the 10% solution, which was the highest salinity, had about 8 living brine shrimp while there were only 4 in the 3% solution and zero in the 0% solution. My data that I found, that brine shrimp lived best in very salty solutions proved my hypothesis to be correct. The objective, to learn which solution brine shrimp grew best in, was met. I could improve the experiment next time by giving the shrimp more space to swim and more light. Luckily, we had no errors in the experiment. If we had made a mistake

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