Fibromyalgia Thesis Statement

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The Mystery Syndrome: Fibromyalgia At one point time Fibromyalgia was thought to be a mental disorder. As years progressed, doctors discovered the mystery syndrome: fibromyalgia. Fibra means painful ligaments and tendons with fibrous tissue. Myos means muscles, and Algos means pain. Around thirty years ago was the first study of fibromyalgia, and that study confirmed there was tender points in the body that could produce symptoms of fibromyalgia. Everyday researchers find out more and more about fibromyalgia. Now that Fibromyalgia is a more common diagnosis, people need to understand what it really is. Introduction of Topic Pathology Diagnosis and Treatment Patient Considerations (Thesis statement) Introduction of Fibromyalgia Most people have…show more content…
“Doctors don't know what causes fibromyalgia.” () As fibromyalgia become more known to patients, researchers came up with some causes that can link to people with it. They came to conclusion that fibromyalgia may run in the family. A patient's genetics can be a cause if there are specific genetic mutations that will make them more likely to get the disease. Symptoms may begin will a drastic change happens in a persons life like, after surgery, an infection, or physical trauma. (in symptoms) In addition, if patients have lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatic disease, or experiencing menopause can contact fibromyalgia.() Pathology Fibromyalgia can affect the whole body or parts of the body depending on the person. The nerves in a person with fibromyalgia change, and it makes their brain produce an increase quantity of fixed chemicals that signal pain throughout the body. Every signal can feel different in people. People can become sensitive from too much pain signals, or their brain’s receptors to pain can create a memory of it and get use to it. () Diagnosis and…show more content…
To help dismiss the myths about fibromyalgia, patients need to consider telling their friends and families about their condition. Fibromyalgia is misunderstood and patients need to let their loved ones know what is all about. Patients need to cope with the stress of having a condition people tend to scoff at. () Some patient considerations are the understanding of their problem. They need to know that their pain can be worse on different days. When there is a pressure change, like when a storm front moves in, a person's pain can fluctuate. In addition, when someone wakes up in the morning their symptoms can cause more pain and stiffness. It can depend on the time and day for changes to occur, fibromyalgia is a syndrome that is unpredictable.

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