How Does Grace Kelly Influenced American Culture

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The 1950s in America was a time when film and television were booming. A young woman named Grace Kelly made her mark on stage and on screen. She was seen as one of the best actresses of her time. As an actress and the Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly was an intriguing individual who has contributed to society and shaped our culture. Grace Patricia Kelly was born in Philadelphia on November 12, 1929 (Pettinger). Her father, Jack Kelly, was a self-made millionaire. He earned his fortune by becoming a three-time Olympic Gold medalist in rowing (Pettinger). His son, and Grace’s brother, took after his father and competed in the Olympics three times. In 1956, he won the bronze medal in rowing. Grace Kelly, however, was uninterested in athletics. As a child, she occasionally played hockey and swam (Grace Kelly). She was far more passionate about ballet, reading, and the theatre. She attended elite private schools, yet was never concerned about her grades. One teacher described her as “uninterested” in scholastic achievement and “gave more priority to drama and boys” (Pettinger). She proved them wrong once she made it to high school and graduated in 1947 (Lacey 53). At age twelve Kelly became a part time model. She was “frequently in demand for her photogenic good looks, poise, and blonde hair”…show more content…
Monaco’s first daycare center was established in 1966 because of her (“Grace Kelly Beyond”). She also had playgrounds installed for them. To take it a step further, she visited the children at daycare as much as possible. She sang, read, and played with them. Although she loved and cared very deeply for the citizens, she also took action to make tourists and visitors feel welcome. She had a large number of festivals take place - just because she wished to make people happy and enjoy life in Monaco. She also had flower shows, gardens, and ballet events (“Grace Kelly

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