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Most girls dream of marrying a prince and becoming a princess. This dream became a reality for Grace Patricia Kelly. Grace was born on November 12, 1929 in Philadelphia, PA. Her parents were Olympic Gold Medalist, John Kelly and first women sports coach at Penn, Margaret Katherine Majer Kelly. Grace first reached fame when she started getting small parts in movies. In 1955 she was one of the biggest actresses and she met Prince Rainer of Monaco. They married months later and Grace became Princess Grace of Monaco. They had three kids together. Grace grew up with one brother and two sisters and was the second oldest. She lived in a suburban house in Philadelphia. She attended Catholic Ravenhill Academy and then transferred to Stevens School. She starred in her first play at 12 years old and that was when she had the…show more content…
She got an Oscar for her work in The Country Girl in 1954 and was nominated for her work in Mogambo. Another acting accomplishment was her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Grace was always known for her beauty so it is no surprise that she was 5th place on the list of sexiest stars of all time. Along with acting accomplishments she also got praised for her work in helping others. She earned a medal for her work in Austria. She got an honor from the Greek Royal Family, the Iranian Royal family, Egyptian Royal Family, Italy, France, and other countries. When I first heard about Grace Kelly I thought she was just another actress. I want to add that I was not surprised when I found out she became a princess because of her immense beauty. I think she is a great role model for women all over the world. She followed her dreams despite what others thought and didn’t give up when people told her she wasn’t enough. She was very humble throughout her life even though she had ample things to brag about. I never have famous women role models and I’m glad I found a woman that I look up

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