Rear Window Literary Techniques

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Texts depicted in Crime Writing explore the notions of audience engagement with the use of morphing conventions to create new subgenres of crime writing that reveal context, values adherent and the nature of character's attitudes that reflect significant universal human core values. 'Rear Window' directed by Alfred Hitchcock, 'Joe Cinque's Consolation' written by Helen Garner, ‘Anil’s Ghost’ composed by Michael Ondaatje and 'Sword Art Online' produced by Tomohiko Ito, display testimony's of contextual form and an emergence of Avant Garde. This is used through film and literary techniques to convey momentous ideas with the exploration of what truth, love and justice is, humanity's inhumanity and what constitutes a detective or crime in texts,…show more content…
And secondly is an emotional response which compromises of a complex and diverse set of feelings towards the text. These two responses by the audience can determine how significant ideas in texts can relate to the core of our humanity. Directed in 1954, 'Rear Window' composed by Alfred Hitchcock displays the world revolving of cultural, social and fundamental demands that can trigger either an intellectual or emotional response from the audience. ‘Rear Window’ was used as a format to provide an “emotional and material relief for after the war” as World War 2 had been traumatic for the lives of soldiers, their families and entire countries. After the war people were concerned for the loss of identity and this Hitchcock’s reassurance by creating the film indicates that change in their world at the time was inevitable and there is no need for worry about it. Hitchcock used the portrayal of himself in the character of Jefferies, his alter ego, passion, urgency for discovery. He brings about the idea of what constitutes a detective in a Crime text with the use of Jeff’s character, as he was just an ordinary man, not a detective. The character of Jefferies is real and it is relatable to the audience. This triggered an…show more content…
This novel explores a the narrative story following a young law student Anu Singh’s murdering of her boyfriend Joe Cinque by giving him an extensive dose of Rohypnol and heroin. Helen Garner went to the trials in ACT Supreme Court and examined the helplessness of the courts, thus questioning what was defines a true crime. The lack of closure for Joe Cinque’s family delineates the tone of grief throughout this novel as mentioned on the cover “A true story of death, grief and the law”. This overall theme of grief set out through the novel triggers an emotional response by the audience to feel compassion and empathy for Cinque’s family and a striving for justice for them. The apple on the cover suggests the relation to our humanity and perhaps the story of the beginning, religiously alluding to the story of Adam and Eve and the serpent. The temptation of the apple depicts the ‘evil’ in all humankind and how it is present in the character of Anu as she was tempted to commit suicide herself before she murdered Joe Cinque. The humane characterisation of Anu expresses the inhumanity in all of us, this gives the audience an intellectual response to reflect on themselves as human beings and that the evil in us has significant consequences. Helen Garner reflects her feminist way of thinking where the woman in the world of

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