Similarities Between Mark And Reddish

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Upon reading the Gospels according to Mark and Matthew in both the Bible and Reddish, I inevitably recognized how the two gospels resemble each other in the scenes they depict and in the statements of Jesus they account for. However, paying careful attention to both Gospels’ key characteristics discussed in class, I also observed how those analogous passages strikingly contrast from each other in numerous features. One of many being Matthew and Mark’s overall portrait of Jesus. And these differences approached me with a slight shock, as the ideas somewhat contradicted with the portrait of Jesus I had for the past nineteen years. Perhaps attributing to the early churches’ favoritism for the Gospel of Matthew, and assuming that churches of the twenty first century may follow their path as well, might explain my one-sided picture of Jesus. Under any circumstances, Matthew’s comprehensive representation of Jesus depicts my portrait of Jesus more precisely than that of Mark’s.…show more content…
Thus, “[t]he organization of the Gospel lends itself to the teaching and practicing needs of the church…” (Reddish 107). The Gospel according to Matthew is embedded with five key discourses or monologues of Jesus. The five includes the acclaimed Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7), the training of the disciples to be sent out on their mission (10), the eight lengthy parables of the kingdom of heaven (13), the church (18), and eschatology (23-25). Matthew’s intentional arrangement of the five sermons of Jesus and the layout of other materials based on the structure underscores the general characterization of Jesus as a

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