Southern American Culture Research Paper

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My culture is Southern American. The new culture I experienced was Hispanic. I speak only one language, which is English. Most of the Hispanics spoke Spanish. Some did not speak English, while others spoke both English and Spanish. Southerners and Hispanics have some similarities and differences. Southerners tend to give a lot of importance to their families as well as their profession. Community binds the southerners together as a people. Both men and women have a professional life. So, women in the family work both, inside and outside home. Children are brought up in a more independent manner. Southerners are also reputed to be polite and well-mannered, particularly in welcoming visitors; this characteristic has been labeled as "southern hospitality." For the Hispanics family comes first; their profession comes second. In most Hispanic families, men work to earn money, and women take care of the domestic chores. Children are brought up with a lot of parental care and attention. Hispanics love to settle down in one place, and prefer to stay with their families. Hispanics tend to have larger families as…show more content…
Mostly "home cooking" or fried foods. Popular southern foods include; grits, fried frog legs, country gravy, catfish, hushpuppies and cornbread. Iced-tea is commonly associated with the South. Specifically, sweet-tea or iced tea brewed and sweetened with sugar is commonly associated with the South. In fact, due to its popularity, most southern restaurants serve sweet-tea in addition to iced-tea. Hispanic food is appetizing because of its flavor as well as the use of colors and decorations. Hispanics prepare different varieties of corn-based delicacies. The diet of Hispanics includes staples such as corn or wheat tortillas, along with beans, rice, tomatoes, chili peppers and chorizo, a type of pork sausage. They use a lot of spices and herbs in their

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