Glory In Beowulf

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Beowulf In a time of overwhelming darkness and evil, of war, hate, and tyranny. A time where fear was felt in all hearts far and wide, all hearts but one. A man whose strength was only matched his courage, whose love of battle only outweighed only by his desire for glory over all else. A hero made to test the limits of evil and fear. This hero was Beowulf. Deeply embedded within the Anglo-Saxon hero, Beowulf, we see an ever present desire for glory. Hard wired into him is the need to be remembered. Over all silver, gold, or treasure, he had to be remembered as great, and the translator did a great job of showing this by saying “But Beowulf / Longed only for fame, leaped back / Into battle.” (502-503). The readers’ next clue to Beowulf’s need for glory is when they see him taking a trophy of Grendels ripped off arm and hanging it where everyone can see (408-410). Beowulf’s desire for praise was so important to him that he even asked the Geats to build a tower in his memory that would look over the cliff so “...[that] sailors can see / This tower, and remember my name, and call it / Beowulf’s tower” (827-828).…show more content…
A strong example of this is stated when the readers sees that Beowulf “...In the blackness of night, hunting monsters / Out of the ocean, and killing them one / By one.” (251-253). We see his next display of his love for battle when he stands in the mouth of the dragons cave, and yells to wake it (661-666). Our last piece of evidence showing Beowulfs unnatural desire of war is when he would “... sail across the sea to Hrothgar” looking for the fight with Grendel (115). He went out of his way, and even sailed across the ocean to pick a fight that wasn’t even

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