How Are Beowulf And Achilles Alike

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Beowulf and Achilles are different in many ways one of which is themselves. Beowulf was a great warrior and leader who fought to protect his soldiers and to make places more peaceful. He also knows the values of loyalty, pride, and courtesy. Achilles on the other hand, is not as heroic as Beowulf even thought he was also a great warrior and had superhuman strength he mostly fought for revenge, social position, and power. He was driven by a thirst for glory. Achilles culture to him is to have the most glory that he possibly can. That is why he went to Troy, to claim his glory and show the Greeks that he is the best along with his friend Patroclus but Hector cut him down thinking it was Achilles. That was when Achilles rage came out of him and hate filled him. He wanted revenge and he will get what he wants. When Patroclus is killed and he is prepared for the ceremony he shows what the ritual to show to Patroclus, as that is apart of his culture.…show more content…
Beowulf wanted glory most of all and he would stop at nothing to get it but his deed was not all about glory, but to defend a small kingdom From a terrible monster named Grendel. As Beowulf finds Grendel and defeats the monster he learns about his mother and ventures on to find Grendel’s mother. It seems like it was his duty to fight these monsters for glory and peace for the land. When Beowulf fights the Dragon he is hurt and he cannot sustain his wounds so he kills the Dragon and decide he wanted a tower built in his name and all of his riches be placed in the tower for I’m coming undone all of his follower’s to look and remember

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