Poetic Devices Used In 'The Haunted Palace'

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Poetic devices are tools used in poems to give them more meaning and depth than they initially appear to have. They are used to enhance the mood and feeling of the poem while also making it easier for the reader to understand. Poetic devices are often used in poems in order to intensify its message and bring the poem all together. Without these tools poems would appear to be dull and readers would not be drawn toward certain words or phrases that give poems their emotion. Allegory, irony, and similes are all poetic devices that help give poems a more in depth meaning. Allegories can influence the meaning and depth of a poem. An allegory is a poetic device that uses narration or description to represent specific abstract ideas. You can see the use of allegories in the poem “The Haunted Palace” by Edgar Allen Poe. After initially reading this poem it appears to be about a happy palace that has been taken over by evil. Although this in itself may seem like meaning enough, the…show more content…
Irony is the use of words that reveal the difference between what appears to be reality and what the actual reality is. Irony is used to engage the reader while also helping us understand the deeper message. It can also be used to make a poem more interesting because what happens is completely opposite of what was expected leaving readers in shock. You see the use of irony very well in the poem “Richard Cory” by Edwin Arlington Robinson. The character Richard Cory appears to have everything from good looks to wealth. He is looked up too by the less fortunate who are jealous of the life he has and wished they could be in his shoes. The poem comes to shocking end when Richard Corey commits suicide. The irony in this poem is that although in the eyes of everyone else he appeared to have the perfect he is in fact miserable. The use of irony is this poem makes it much more meaningful one and enables it to have a deeper

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