George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four 1984

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In 1984, by George Orwell, the problem with their society is that all things unique have been taken away, all freedom is gone, and also the government system has too much power. Winston Smith is a low-ranking member of the London Party, in the nation of Oceania. He is constantly watched by telescreens viewed by the Party. The Party controls everything, including cultural aspects of society such as history and language. Newspeak is being forced into society as we enter the story. Newspeak prevents rebellion and rebellious thoughts. Any free non-party approved thought is illegal and is known as a thought crime. Winston Smith is frustrated by the rigid control and oppression caused by the party. One day, he illegally purchases a diary to escribe…show more content…
Winston works at the ministry of truth, where he alters historical records to suit the needs of the party. One day, Winston notices a beautiful woman, who also happens to be a fellow co-worker. He worries that she is an undercover informant for the part, who will turn him in for his thought crimes. He is troubled by the party’s historical control. Winston remembers bits and pieces of actual history and is angered by the party’s false brainwashed history. As the story progresses, Winston finds a note from a girl named Julia and it said: “I Love You”. They then are in a relationship with each other, always vigilant and cautious of the Party watching them. As their relationship progresses, the more Winston hates the Party. Finally then, Winston receives a notice from O’Brien wanting to see him. Together, Winston and Julia travel to see O’Brien. O’Brien then convinces them that he hates the party. However, Smith finds out during the visit, that O’Brien is actually an undercover Party agent, and that Chamington, the one who sold him the diary, is also an undercover agent for the Party. O’Brien then charges both Winston and Julia with thought
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