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Josh Cardwell Mr. Samuelson Civics Honors 30 December 2015 Killing Kennedy Book Review Kennedy was an interesting man. He was quite a character. The book Killing Kennedy really showed his true attributes. Kennedy had a bumpy road as his first couple months as being president. In 1961 as the cold war comes abroad, Kennedy struggles to contain the growth of communism. The Cuban Missile Crisis was a real test for the young president. Through this crisis Kennedy really showed his leadership skills as he handled the crisis pretty well for being so inexperienced. Kennedy was assassinated by a crazy man with the name of Lee Harvey Oswald. The events leading up to his assassination are quite shocking. In Killing Kennedy it successfully gave accurate…show more content…
Although there was one man who wasn't much of a fan of Kennedy. His name was Lee Harvey Oswald. He was a communist guru. He was a former marine that lived in Russia for a good part of his life. Oswald had a wife and a baby girl. "Oswald is a defector. In 1959, at age nineteen, the slightly built, somewhat handsome, enigmatic drifter decided to leave the United States of America, convinced that his socialist beliefs would be embraced in the Soviet Union. But things haven't gone according to plan." (pg 16). He despised kennedy and wanted him dead. Oswald was quite the loner and he was a hot head. He spent the majority of his time reading Communist magazines. He was definitely aware that Kennedy was anti-communist. Oswald was offended because he believed communism was the way to go for every political system. Early in Kennedy’s presidency, He with the help of his brother and his right hand man, Robert battled hard to maintain a good standing in the eyes of the public in America. Kennedy was an interesting man in the white house. He had countless affairs with woman in the white house including the troubled starlet Marilyn Monroe. With all of this going on,…show more content…
I was really interested throughout out the entire novel. It was very well written and organized. O’Reilly kept me engaged at the end of every chapter which made me want to keep reading. With there being a lot of facts I really learned a lot of new things about Kennedy that I didn’t know. This novel really hit me. It changed my perspective of the president, in a good way. This novel showed me how brave the president has to be and the leadership they have to for take. Kennedy was for the most part a good man who had his life cut way too short. “Most people live their lives as if the end were always years away. They measure their days in love, laughter, accomplishment, and loss. There are moments of sunshine and storm. Yet life can end in less time than it takes to draw one breath.” (pg 289) I didn’t know much about Kennedy before reading this. I learned that he was humorous, extremely intelligent, and dignified. He always took matter into his own hands and was never out to blame anyone else but himself. I like how O’Reilly put some images in the book to help give you a visual. I would recommend this novel to

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