How Does Winston Join The Brotherhood In 1984

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Martin Vu Vu 1 Mrs. MacDonell ENG4U 7 October 2014 The Psychoanalytic Features within George Orwell’s 1984 In the novel 1984 by George Orwell, the protagonist’s downfall is a result of his inability to have a balanced personality. For example, Winston’s action to join the brotherhood was hinted when he said, “he was walking through a pitch-dark room. And someone sitting to one side of him had said as he passed: ‘We shall meet in the place where there is no darkness’ ” (25 Orwell). This dream in turn, ended up influencing his actions as he tried to join the brotherhood in his later life. His actions can be explained through Carl Jung’s dream interpretation where Winston’s dream influenced his actions (Bellingham). By becoming a member of the brotherhood,…show more content…
That is because of his inability of his superego to function. At the time, Winston only had an ego and his id so he would have been unable to make the right decision or even think about the consequences. Another example of Winston’s dreams resulting in his downfall is through the dream of the death of Winston’s mother at the hands of Big Brother. This dream can be shows stating, “At this moment his mother was sitting in some place deep down beneath him, with his young sister in her arms.” (29 Orwell) This dream symbolizes the fact that Winston is unable to make the right decision. For example, another scholar makes the reference to Winston’s mom to explain why Winston is having these dreams.” He remembered his mother, but realized that he was unable to help his mother when he was a child; so he repressed the memories of his mother” (Picus). Winston’s Id is the result of this repression of memories as the Id is present

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