George Orwell And 1984 Comparison Essay

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O’Brien is a very mysterious, fascinating, and terrifying character. While initially he is believed to have sheltered anti-Party feelings in a similar fashion as Winston did, he is revealed to be working for the Party instead. In addition, he is powerful; O’Brien puts Winston through extreme pain without remorse, and he is able to successfully manipulate Winston into loving wholeheartedly the despicable and tyrannical Big Brother. After the reveal of O’Brien’s true intentions, readers learn very little about him while having previous assumptions shattered. He is sophisticated, manipulative, and power-hungry, but it is unknown whether he used to be legitimately against the Party or how much power he has as an Inner Member. Because of his evil nature, many people prove to be almost complete opposites of him, one of whom is my sister Meghan. Whereas O’Brien oppresses people, seeks power, and remains mysterious, my sister empowers others, humbles herself, and hides nothing. O’Brien is an evil, enigmatic character who hurts the people of Oceania for…show more content…
Meghan will always try to help others while O’Brien uses his abilities to deceive, hurt, and degrade other people. O’Brien was one of the reasons 1984 is such as haunting novel. The way he psychologically tortures Winston in the Ministry of Love without guilt is disturbing, and even more disturbing is his success in manipulating Winston into loving Big Brother and erasing him from history. According to Erich Fromm, the novel was meant to be a warning about the lengths at which a totalitarian government would go to maintain its power. To look optimistically at the warning, there are people all over the world like Meghan who work to help and empower others. These people would constantly fight against a government like the Party. As long as the world respects the warning George Orwell gave, a government like the Party shall never come into

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