George Orwell 1984 Comparison Essay

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1984, on the other hand creates the dystopian world in a far more direct and obvious way. Winston, the protagonist, is an unimportant civil servant who works in “minitrue” (the Ministry of Truth) altering the nation’s historical records. However, the reader soon discovers that Winston isn’t as faithful to “the Party” as they initially presume. In Orwell’s depiction of dystopia, the government has total control over not only society, but the personal and private lives of every person within it. This is all overseen by “Big Brother”, a character who does not appear in the book, but acts as the Party’s spokesman, he features in all political aspects as well as the invasive techniques to monitor the citizen’s of Oceania. “Big Brother” himself is an interesting concept and appears to the reader as almost an Uncle Sam figure, yet described more so as Stalin. The…show more content…
The situation of 24 hour surveillance is introduced immediately and it is much easy to sympathise with him. However there are points throughout the novel where it is clear there are similarities between the two. During “the Two Minutes Hate” Winston begins to offload his forced repression of violence and sexual thirst as he begins to describe how “he would flog [a young girl] to death with a rubber truncheon, tie her naked to a stake and shoot her full of arrows, he would ravish her and cut her throat at the moment of climax”. This extremity of desire for both primal acts of the hunt and sex are combined to create this grotesque vision of what an oppressive society creates. The need for two minutes solely to expel any hate must relieve this psychological tension, but surely it isn’t healthy. This reflects the repression in the Victorian era where people were emotionally distant about the subject of sex in public, this then led to the underground world of prostitution and pornography that was created to compensate these

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