George Orwell 1984 Comparison Essay

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The world of the novel 1984 is intrusive and controlling, with an omnipresent “big brother” figure. Readers are appalled and aghast when they read of the concept of Newspeak, the contradictory doublethink, and the alwayswatching telescreens. However, in comparison to our world today, these ideas are not as far off as society may believe. The ideas set forth in Orwell’s 1984 society are very much comparable to our own, with almost as many similarities as differences. When comparing the novel 1984 to our own society, one may, at first, laugh at the notion that our world is even remotely the same as Winston’s. When looking closer, however, similarities become evident. In Winston’s world, Newspeak is designed to make society imbecilic and brainless…show more content…
While our society’s dictionary is still intact with many synonymous words, we shorten and dumb down our language on our own. Texting is the main contributor. Phrases such as “TBH”, “BTW”, and “FAM” not only take away the full word, but when people actually say it in everyday conversation, it also takes away the verbal aspect. When in use, people are not practicing correct spelling, grammar, or basic conversational skills. Society is getting weaker. Another similarity between our world and that of 1984 is the constant semblance of war. In the novel, Oceania is always at war with one of the other superstates. With no end in sight, war is an accepted burden of the citizens’ lives, something that is everlasting. The opponent constantly changes, and with that, so does their history according to their records. Our world does not alter history. Despite that, we are still always at war. A time period of absolute peace has been essentially nonexistent for an extremely prolonged amount of time. There is always some disruption, and one country is almost always at war with another, or maybe even themselves. America has been in a “war against terror” for years, with no end

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