Gender Stereotypes In Hip Hop Culture

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Women are portrayed in a variety of different lights throughout the Hip Hop culture. They can be exploited and manipulated yet still honored by the rap industry (McCoy). A specific example is how the term “bad bitch” is surfacing. When the term first surfaced, questions about it arose, and it was taken in a negative manner. It was seen as way for women to be treated in a deviant manner by their male counterparts. But women seem to be embracing the term rather than feeling insulted by it. Should they feel insulted? Surprisingly after analyzing the term, it seems that it is actually used to empower women. “Bad Bitch” is a phenomenon giving women power to do what they want. By women using this term in a positive way, it allows them to not let men exploit them by defining the term for themselves. In a society obtains patriarchal attitudes, women are both glorified and degraded in rap music just like they are in real life. Objectification of women in this culture is also a big aspect. Men see women as a trophy prize in this culture. This could be due to the fact that there are not a lot of women rappers and artists in this culture. Mirroring our American culture, it is male dominated (Layne).…show more content…
“We’re in this box, and in order to be in that box, you have to be strong, you have to be tough, you have to have a lot of girls, you gotta have money, you have to be a player or a pimp, know you gotta be in control, you have to dominate other man, other people, you know if you are not any of those things, then you know people call you soft or weak or a pussy or a chump or a faggot and nobody wants to be any of those things. So everybody stays inside the box”, says Byron Hurt, writer, director, and activist, on masculinity

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