Gender Roles In Indian Culture

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Although Riya has covered her body in T-shirt and tights, Madhav’s eyes investigate her body’s arc. ‘She wore a fitted white T-shirt and black tights. Although fully covered, the snug outfit highlighted her curves.’ (half girlfriend, 156) It is general and natural tendency of youth to see and feel the curves of female body through their x-ray eyes. Now, Indian history is taking U-turn as Indian literary arena is taking a wholesome attitude while dealing with erotic and sensual topics in their works that may flabbergast many people who try to investigate Indian culture with dominant Victorian male value system. In India still the folk deities and traditions have survived and they emphasize smooth nature of gender and mythologies in their stories…show more content…
Ironically, today the western nations are progressive in researching and educating about gender and sexuality expressions, while India, despite of its rich cultural heritage respecting and accepting gender variations and choices are lagging behind and even lacking that sensitivity. Hindu society had a clear cut idea of all these people in the past. (Wikipedia) In One night @ call center, Chetan Bhagat begins the novel travelling alone in a Railways Compartment but his aloofness doesn’t remain unaffected and soon has a beautiful and unavoidable girl and his male hormones become active so he describes her beauty is delineated in these sensual words :- “It was difficult to with draw from the gaze of her eyes….” „I climbed onto the wrong coach. Luckily, the bogies are connected‟, She said, adjusting her long hair that ended in countless ringlets----She was young. Perhaps the mid-twenties. Her waist-length hair had a life of its own: a strand fell on her forehead repeatedly. I could not see her face clearly but I could tell one thing- she was pretty. And her eyes-once you looked into them, you could not turn away.” (One Night@Call

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