Personal Narrative Essay: The Day Before I Fall In A Seepe

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SOME TIME BEFORE I FALL INTO SLEEP Looking at my arm which became red after you made a point shot with your pink slipper; mom, I think the slippers looked better on your feet. Of course I’m not brave enough to tell you that five minutes after you learned “the thing”, instead I turn my eyes away from you. There are six squares on the pattern of out carpet. And two circles. The toy trolley’s one wheel is broken. A yellow banana peel is on the sofa. I’ve always thought I had five photos on our photograph shelf, but I just realized that it was six. Who am I talking to? Look at my eyes, you idiot! I raise my head; under your wrinkled forehead, the green eyes, which I always adored, now look as red as the t-shirt you wear. As you’re biting your lower lip which already started to bleed, I realize that I’ve never seen you this angry before: Oh my God, what have I done?…show more content…
I really believed that this day was going to be different. He was going to kiss me on my forehead when I come home, I would apologize for the millionth time and you would bake a cake for us to eat as a peace gift. Ten hours later after I woke up, after my dad tried to stung my head into the saucepan which was still on the oven, after he slapped me as hard as he had never done, and after I learned that the reason he didn’t wake me up with a shout was not because his anger softened but because he went to school before me in order to check what I am doing, I now understand that it was such a stupid belief. You don’t even know how to

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