Gender Equality Speech

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Intro: Before I start off my speech today, let me tell you all one thing - you, all listening to this speech right now, are feminists. Whether or not you identify as a feminist doesn't matter - if you acknowledge that both women and men alike deserve equal rights and opportunities when it comes to political, economical and social situations, you ARE a feminist. Unless, you don’t believe in equality, in which case, you need to sort out priorities. The reality is, we face gender inequality every day and it is definitely not okay. Gender inequality exists all over the world, whether you live in developed societies or in still developing countries, millions, or even billions, of people suffer the consequences of gender inequality every day and…show more content…
Gender roles are kind of like what society outlines for us as "acceptable" and we, as members of society, continuously strive to reach this reward of acceptance. Throughout history, these specific ‘roles’ have changed and from these roles are born the idea of sexism towards women, or misogyny. From being told that we were only good for having babies and scrubbing kitchen floors to being expected to look like stick-thin, picture-perfect Barbie dolls, these expectations can change a lot but still actively…show more content…
I grew up looking forward to finally getting my driving license when I turn 16. I grew up knowing that I’d have the freedom of choice to marry who I wanted when the time came. I also still look forward to the day when I turn 18 and I can vote in the elections. Anyhow, the reality is that girls in developing countries all over the world are denied these basic human rights, human rights which we are all entitled to as humans, and instead, they are forced to face horrifying situations, simply because they happen to be girls. Did you know that every single day, 39,000 girls are forced to become child brides, often to much older men? Every single day, 39,000 young girls have their entire lives taken away from them, only to be sold or given away to strangers like objects, while we go about our normal lives. In Saudi Arabia, women still can’t participate in electoral voting and aren’t even allowed to drive. In Afghanistan and many parts of rural Africa, education is almost always only offered to boys, as apparently, males should be a priority. In China, because of the enforcement of the one child policy, the number of neglected and abandoned girls have increased dramatically, just because most parents traditionally believe that boys have more to contribute to society and are more ‘valuable’. Those are just a few examples, but this

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