Gender Differences In American Culture

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By the same token, where we come from, what language we speak, and how much money we have all play a part in who each person is on this earth. Do any of these factors make anyone better, or anyone less? At the end of the day we all lay our heads down to rest not matter what kind of bed we are sleeping in or what god we choose to worship. Snowman & McCown (2012) refers to American culture as a melting pot. Where all cultures are mixed together to form one. This is a great way to look at our nation, however, it is important that we give recognition to each person and what makes them that unique individual. Garza, Ovando, & Seymour (2010) state that putting your care for your student first creates a learning community that inspires them to be…show more content…
An ethnic group is a collection of people who identify with which one’s ancestors came, language, and values (Snowman & McCown, 2012, p.156). And finally, socioeconomic status (SES) factors as annual income, occupation, amount of education, place of residence, etc. (Snowman & McCown, 2012, p.159) Bias that occur typically are with students who are very different from the teacher. According to Snowman & McCown (2012) Characteristics as race, SES, ethnic backgrounds, dress, speech patterns, and test scores, teachers form expectancies about how various students will perform. In a personal example, a teacher candidate was doing field experience hours, one of her tasks is to recognize the ELL student in the classroom, she assumed the Hispanic girl who wasn’t talking to anyone, didn’t have the nicest of clothing, and was off task not doing her assignment and was drawing instead, she assumed she must not speak English well, she must not be doing her assignment because she doesn’t understand what’s going on. Teacher candidate approached the student and asked her if she needed any help on her assignments, was she having a difficult

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