Gender Differences In American Culture

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Cultural production and my gendered experience of the world My mom's family are as racist as can be. Irish and pale; to be honest, I don’t think my mom’s side has ever seen Mexicans in their homes that weren’t fixing, cleaning, or trimming something. My step-dad’s side are pure-blooded Mexican with thick accents. However, they believe my mom, siblings, and I are a bad mix of genes. One Christmas, my dad’s mom sent a Christmas card to my mom. The card was bad photoshop of Barbie dolls that were white with brown patches. One had a cigarette in her mouth, pregnant, and pushing a grocery cart with two little Barbie dolls that were supposed to be my brother and I. The little ones had messy hair, dirty, and we were barefoot. Both sides of the family are old-fashioned; no premarital sex, women cook and men work, etc. My mom and step-dad grew up on these traditions, however, my mother being mixed, she grew up feeling isolated from her family, drawing her to be more liberal and open-minded. My mother also had us young and unmarried which put a wedge between…show more content…
The om in this song and my grandparents are both set in their traditional ways. In another song, “Clementine” by Sarah Jaffe, it is about how she wishes she was a different person since a recent breakup because wherever she goes, she feels she is not accepted by anyone. She not only wants to change her personality, but her physical appearance and name, “I wish I was a little more delicate/I wish my.../I wish my name was Clementine”. This paper is not about a breakup, however, because of my family situation, I do wish sometimes I was just one race. It is better to be accepted by one side of my family than

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