The Vietnamese Catholic Community

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Discussion The Jewish community and Vietnamese Catholic community have many similarities and differences. One of the point that both community share is cultural assimilation. According to Banks and Banks (2012) cultural assimilation is a phenomenon that happens when a culture acquires the behaviors or characteristics of another culture make its own cultural behavior. In the case of both Jewish and Vietnamese Catholic cultures, they acquire the behavior of the American culture. Both cultures have the history of emphasizing on the difference in gender when worshiping. Men and women will sit on their sides without asking. It is not also because of gender discrimination but purely tradition. However, when they get in contact with the American in…show more content…
The people in both cultures that I visited see themselves as a part of the community. They prioritize in group’s goal instead of individual goal. For example, the Vietnamese Catholic Community has its member stay close and work together as a group. They can sacrifice their time and money to support the community stay strong. One of the stereotypes for both culture is that they are cheap. I think it is only half true. When they use the money for themselves, they will be very cheap, but when the family or their group needs, they will spend their money generously. Also, as a matter of fact that people in both community have a chaotic history and they have been through hardship and they try to preserve their culture and raise their children in a new culture, they have to be cheap in order to save for their children, their family, and their…show more content…
A common stereotype for Jews is that they are arrogant because they think themselves as the ‘chosen people,’ ‘people of God,’ so they think of themselves higher than others. From what I observe, it is quite true when the rabbi talks about Jewish people and encourage them to worship God by praising their people and God’s promise of sending God’s messiah to them. Even though, Jews don’t often look down on others, they think of themselves highly and want others to understand them more than try to understand others. Picca and Thompson-Miller (2012) describe this phenomenon as frontstage racism where a race make spaces in the presence of other races. Although, not all of the Jews have that problem, but the mindset, which sticks to them over 3000 years, and the hardship that they have been through cannot be erased in one day. For the Vietnamese Catholic people, a typical stereotype is, like other Asian, they are very reserved and quiet. It is true for them in the present other cultures. However, when they are among themselves, they get comfortable and become sociable, and that is when they have the problem of racism. Backstage racism is when people in the same race make racist comments without the presence of the targeted race (Picca & Thompson-Miller, 2012). From my observation, I see Vietnamese people making jokes of White and Hispanic people among themselves. Even among

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