Gender Codes Essay

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Men and women both have gender codes that have been controversial when contrasted and compared to each other. Gender codes were also different from what race you were as well. Even in today’s society, being white is not the best, but it is best to be white. What I mean is that the race of white people may not contain the best tools and qualities, but they do get all the advantages and privileges. Civil rights and citizenship have always never been an issue for a white man, but it has been a problem for colored races and women. Wealthy white males dominated and controlled America for quite sometime. While men were the ones that represented all the work and business, women were still stay at home, cook, and take care of the kids. The women of…show more content…
The four ideals are: Piety, Purity, Submissiveness, and Domesticity. Piety meant a woman had to be religious and follow religion. A female was seen as the new “Eve” who fosters and nurtures children. If a mother was not religious, they would be seen as God-less, and it would be seen as “"the most revolting human characteristic." So if a female wasn’t religious, basically they should not be a mother in many eyes at the time. The next ideal is Purity, which is staying a virgin until married and ready to have kills. I personally find this ideal very ironic, since men are known for wanting to have the most sexual partners for no particular reason. Women and men are completely opposite when it comes to purity. It is ok for men to have multiple partners, but a good woman can only have one otherwise they will look corrupted and punished by God. The code for purity for the different genders is completely unfair to females. The third ideal is Submissiveness, which is women obeying the commands of God and their husbands. A popular saying at the time was, "A really sensible woman feels her dependence. She does what she can but she is conscious of her inferiority and therefore grateful for a man's support." If a woman did not obey their husband, they would be thought as without loyalty and ungrateful. I also do not agree with this ideal, because I think the submissiveness should go both ways. A
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