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Special effects artist Special FX artists (Special effects) use multiple tools and techniques to create characters for movies, multimedia, and haunted houses. What is a traditional makeup artist? Nowadays this can get a bit mixed up with a CG artist (Computer generated artist); with new-age computer technology traditional makeup artists are becoming obsolete. A CG artist uses computer programs to crate anything imaginable, from the alien creature in a movie to a soda AD with the drink spilling to its side. While traditional FX artist use old school movie magic like latex and paint to create creatures and even props or backdrops for the same purpose. The big difference between the two is what you use to achieve the end product. Nowadays it’s hard to tell the difference…show more content…
Face off a Syfy original series first aired January 26, 2011 is a tv competition where contestants use traditional makeup and prosthetics to crate eye catching makeup for a grand prize and a hopeful launch in their carrier (“Face Off”). “With strikingly intense personalities and creatively stunning challenges, 'Face Off' has ignited viewers' imaginations, making it Syfy's best unscripted franchise launch ever,” Mark Stern said (“UPI Entertainment”). The show has been such a success that is it currently on its 9th season and going strong. Syfy also released Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge. Jim Henson was a famous monster maker and puppeteer who crated such characters like the Muppets, the puppets from Sesame Street and characters from the Labyrinth. Henson had a “creature shop” in London where he crated his larger and more elaborate creatures (“Funk & Wagnalls Jim”). The show was a competition where contestants had to create their own giant puppet creatures inspired from Jim Henson’s work. Even though the show had a IMDb rating of 8.1 out of 10 the show only had one season (“Creature Shop

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