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This chapter will support the concepts and backgrounds in the previous studies.Bekimon or gay language is associated with English and Filipino. Likewise, the speech and communication of people who used this disobey the structure of English language. For instance, the Tom Jones means hungry the root of this word came from the international singer. According to Cage, the term “language” here, is used not as a constructed language with its own grammar, syntax, morphology and phonology, but in the same way as linguists would discuss women’s language (Cage, 1999, p. 1), as a way of speaking, a kind of socialist Older studies in Queer Linguistics, such as Legman’s. Moreover, The Language of Homosexuality: An American Glossary, focused purely on…show more content…
It is not the language that determines the definition of the terms, but the speaker. This semantic principle is very prominent in the gay language because it uses words that are part of a mainstream language and then applies it metaphorically giving it a streak of connotative definition. (Casabal 2008, Lunzaga, Bendulo, Felisilda, 2012; Saguilao, 2005). Base on Cage (2003, p.23), gay language is defined as a particular register or variety of language that is employed in certain socio-cultural contexts by gay people. This definition help us to come up to idea of “anti-language” by Halliday (1976, p.570) which is a special form of language generated by some kind of anti-society”.Anti-languages may be understood as extreme versions of social dialects. They tend to arise among subcultures and groups that occupy a marginal or precarious position in society, especially where central activities of the group place them outside the law. Furthermore, Anti-languages are basically created by a process of relexicalizationit’s the substitution of new words for old. The grammar of the parent language may be preserved, but a distinctive vocabulary develops, particularly but not solely in activities and

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