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EFFECT OF BUILDING DESIGN ON MAINTENANCE COST OF PLUMBING UTILITIES IN RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS. CHAPTER ONE. INTRODUCTION. 1.1 BACKGROUND OF STUDY The act of maintenance cannot be ignored and over emphasized. Onto the completion of a building,the maintenance process begins immediately thereafter and never stops until the building is eventually removed from the landscape. The value of a commercial building can remain elevated for the duration of the buildings’ life time,provided that regular maintenance is carried out to keep the building in check and in good shape and to meet up with higher standards of designs than the previous times as year goes by. Facilities operations and maintenance encompasses all the spectrum of services required to ensure that the built environment will perform the functions for which a facility was…show more content…
The plumbing utilities are embedded inside the walls, which leads to a partial breakage of the wall which the pipes pass across in other to access them for it to be worked upon and checked. This leads to the defacing of the building,leading to a renovation of the building which involves the laying of blocks,plastering,painting,amongst others. Such maintenance which was intended for just the plumbing utilities alone has lead to more work which definitely leads to an overall increase in the cost of maintaining such utility which would have been avoided if the design had been well planed,implemented and carried out. Gabrielli (2010) describes that architects in the United States have historically been bound by comprehensive legal requirements and responsibilities for the building design. They are legally obliged to safeguard the public health,safety and welfare. The architect needs to factor in the ability of the owner to commit the necessary resources to

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