Gallipoli Essay

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Gallipoli is a movie directed by Peter Weir in 1981; it is believed to depict war as tragic. Majority believe that Peter Weir’s purpose is to depict war as tragic. Specific camera techniques were used to show the tragedy. The devastating plot corners the word catastrophic. Music and lighting also depicts that war as shattering. Camera techniques were implied to show the depressing emotions of war. In the final scene Archie was racing to his death, the camera followed him until he passed the line (where he may die). To show the distance between his death and detail of how he died the camera zoomed in. It then recreated the clip into an image. These camera techniques were also used to prove that war is awful when…show more content…
A lawn full of bodies and blood on the battlefields of Gallipoli isn’t a romantic and happy ending. Soldiers falling ever second, Soldiers blown off the ground by 50 meters, family members and relative left to fight for survival without a stronghold in their family. If that isn’t a tragic what is? Peter Weir’s Gallipoli depicts war as tragic by using explicit music and sound techniques. The Adagio in G-minor was played during the dark racking arrival on the ANAZAC cove. It was also played when a young solider ran with his might to death. It was implied to depict tragic. Why else would there would the Adagio if it is meant to be a humorous show. For example Dumber and Dumber do they have an orchestra playing the Adagio? Lighting was lucidly visible that it was used to illustrate devastation. There are many types of light techniques all have their own purpose (Low key Lighting, Three Point lighting (key light, fill key and back light), hard lights and soft lights). Low key lighting was used in the lurking scene where they landed on ANAZAC cove. They had the low key lighting bundle set up to add depth and realism to the scene. Low key lighting gives it a 3 dimensional look: this is done by adding the appropriate shadows. Dark shadows are used to contrast the mood of the soldiers with the darkness of earth. Flashing lights were also use to symbolize little hope. It was also used to somewhat simulate the explosion of bombs. These lighting
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