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The movie my group and me picked was Frozen; the scene we chose was whenever Olaf is helping Anna by Chris Williams. He put in many emotions in this scene because we think Anna is going to freeze and hen Olaf comes in, starts talking about love, and makes it even sadder. Although Anna thinks she’s in love but she’s really not its more kind of like lust because she barely knows him and she means nothing to him he’s just trying to take over her and Elsa’s kingdom but killing both of them. The staging is showing the whole room she is in, darkness, and she is just lying on the floor freezing. She is acting sad because she thought this person loved her and cared for her but he was lying. The setting it is really cold and quiet and she is in a room in her castle. The camera angle is kind of up high. In the frame, it is showing the whole room. The lighting is dark but showing a shadow that a window may be open. After she falls down it starts playing some sad music in the back because we think she bout die. In the center, Anna is just lying there and in all the…show more content…
The acting Kristof is riding on fin and coming back to Anna and Olaf. He is outside in the snowstorm. The camera it is showing like its zooming in because we are seeing what Olaf is seeing. In the frame it has natural lighting from the snow and showing it to make it look like its blue. Olaf is talking to Anna telling her that Kristof is coming back. In the center is Kristoff and Finn coming towards the kingdom. In this part Olaf knows what Kristof and Anna needs to do Kristof is coming back to save Anna. The staging is Olaf was looking outside at Kristoff and Finn. Olaf is acting, as he is excited. After he is down looking out the window he’s in a room in the castle. Olaf is looking back at the camera. It is shining light thru the window. Olaf is saying that Kristoff is coming back. The frame in the middle you see Olaf and on left and the right side is

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