Frozen Film Analysis

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Most people have either seen or heard of the modern gem produced by Disney. The riveting story of two princesses on a journey to save their kingdom and their friendship has captured young and old alike and brought them together to laugh and sing along with their favorite characters. The stunning imagery blends wonderfully with the dialogue and overall message gained from viewing this masterpiece accurately titled, “Frozen”. While keeping in mind that “Frozen” has similar qualities to other Disney films, it does a spectacular job delivering a new message, creating original memorable songs, and incorporating humor splendidly, while still staying within the standards set by previous films. This is just another Disney movie; they probably used…show more content…
Some were uplifting, setting the mood for love and fun, while others were slightly darker with a hint of foreshadowing. Of course, there were humorous songs as well riddled with irony. If the message alone weren’t enough to compel you to view this cinematic magic, the music will definitely rope you in. The first song that really touches you is “Do you want to build a Snowman”. It begins with Anna as a child, confused as to why her sister never leaves her room to play anymore like they used to. Then, a teenage Anna is seen describing her lonely life while her sister is seen struggling to control her powers. The last scene is a heartbroken Anna, begging her sister to come out because she knows they need each other desperately. Although the first, roughly, twenty minutes of the movie is mostly song; they are memorable and will guarantee to coax a tune out of anyone (although some of you should refrain from belting too loudly). Once our comical character is introduced, he puts on a show that will have you laughing. The irony of the situation is lost on our character but will definitely dawn on the viewer creating humor and some sympathy towards him. After the movie you will be singing these songs for days, learning some new meaning behind them with every
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