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Why You Don’t Want to Do Online Shopping Online shopping is so convenient today. Almost every retailer has a site where you can purchase your items online. Retailers also allow you to purchase your items through your smartphone or tablet too. Some retailers will allow you to search online while you are in the store in case what you want is not on the store shelves. You can purchase something online and pick up in the store. All these options are great and convenient, but did you know online shopping offers pitfalls that you should avoid? Here are reasons why you don’t want to do online shopping. Don’t get what you want. You might order something, and what arrives is not what you wanted. You might order something that never arrives. You might order something, and something happens to it during the shipping process. In these cases, the seller is supposed to correct the mistake without charging you more money or refund your money. online retailers often have different approaches. You are usually given information on how to resolve your problem or asked to contact customer service. Because customer service is so important, they will try to fix the problem fast. You might end up paying shipping twice if you are asked to return the merchandise. When dealing with an auction site, or with natural product site such as keeva organics, the…show more content…
If you have problems with your item that you purchased from an overseas company, you might have trouble resolving your problems. Before you order, be sure you understand how the item is priced and when it is converted to pounds; whether the retailer sends products to other countries; how long it takes to process the order; and the taxes involved. If you have a mistake in the order shipped to you, the resolution might have to be done in your local court. For example, you might have to visit China to resolve your issue. Better bet is to pick resellers in your country or avoid international

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