Freud's Theory Of Intelligence

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Intelligence can be classified in psychology as the capacity in which we used to acquire and apply knowledge. Many psychologists asked questions and argued throughout the year of what are the focus of intelligence and where can we find it in the brain. Is intelligence just one board thing or doesn’t it have different branches that is used to fit a type of problem and classification. Charles Spearman who was one the biggest and grounding psychologist that question intelligence believe that we have just a general intelligence or for short a g-intelligence. He states that people might have “special abilities” so he developed the factor analysis that can statically test intelligence. One of Spearman biggest opponent was L.L Thurstone who believed…show more content…
He believed intelligence came from the Id, the Ego, and the Superego. The “id” by Freud is more primal, and is the source of our emotions and the interpreter of other’s emotions. Freud believed that the id is by far the strongest of the 3 components, and influences mightily almost everything we think and do. Since the Id operated on most emotion and self-desire, intelligence is on the lower end because you only care about what benefit you. The “Superego” is the next most powerful component according to Freud. Among its important functions seems to be a control the id, this will help the person focus on the bigger picture. Last and perhaps unfortunately least in terms of influence is the “ego," the rational mind, the objectively analyzing and problem-solving brain. It is a distant third to the other two in terms of its power to influence thought processes and resulting human actions and…show more content…
Therefore, when people do decide to test their “IQ” there is more that no way to do it. Many tests have clusters that fit Thurstone list for intelligence. For each individual cluster we have our reason to our questions; for example, verbal comprehension which is how well does a person's ability to understand, analyze and interpret written information. So, an example of a question that might be on an IQ test is “of the following listed one word on the left in bold and then there are 4 words that are listed to the right of the first word. Your task is to select which of the 4 words are closest in meaning to the first word.” The task was clearly stated and not a trick and the words given are for people of middle school and higher education. The words that would be on the test would be on the level everyday meaning which is easy to understand like words like hasty, regular, adhere to just list a few. psychologist understand that some people might excel in more than one clusters so, there are test that have more difficult problems for the “advance” in areas like spatial intelligence cluster. The question when involve creativity which hard to judge but that what make this question an “advance” question. When making IQ test people must keep in mind danger like the stereotype certain

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