Free Will Defense Research Paper

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The problem of evil is the most influential argument against rather God exist to man or not. This argument has formed many responses, arguments, and opinions. The free will defense is one of the first responses to the problem of evil. The free will defense is a response that provides various reasons to why God exists or does not exist. It attempts to show man that some good will not happen without evil being acceptable. Many people would argue that the world’s evil is caused mainly by most of the human race’s actions or decisions to do things. Evil is described as being either moral evil or natural evil. Moral evil is the greatest evil happening in the world. Moral evil is a source of evil inflicted by humans. The incidents that have come about in Ferguson, where a police officer shot and killed an eighteen year old boy, is an example of moral evil. Other examples of moral evil are the suffering of humans caused by the killing, shouting, or by hitting each other. However, there is a great amount of evil that is not caused or inflicted by the human race. This type of evil is categorized as natural evil. Natural evil is the result…show more content…
I believe if God created a world where there was nothing other than good, and no knowledge of evil, it would not be the best world for us. It is suitable to say that it is better that God created a world where man have the right amount of freedom to choose what to do, than a world that contains only good in it. As a result, man has the opportunity to freely do evil, but as a punishment, they have to face certain consequences. In addition, I believe the free will defense brings an equal balance to the world. Also, a world with free beings in it, who might cause some evil is better than a world with unfree beings who always do good, because than freedom would just be an unpleasant

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