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An anthology series that started in 2011 nominated for one hundred and eighty awards, winning sixty-eight of them including the Emmy award for “Outstanding TV Miniseries” in 2013 along with “TV Program of the Year” continues to capture the viewers’ attention one suspenseful episode at a time (IMDb). The creativeness and originality that this series brings to Television makes it different from any other miniseries by each season having the same actors/actresses but incorporating them differently in each new story line. There have been four totally different seasons of American Horror Story; Murder House, Insane Asylum, Coven, and the latest season Freak Show. Each season has alarming and frightening moments, but it also has kindhearted thoughts…show more content…
This particular season shows another level of horror by focusing on the absurdity of each patient and the chance that everyone can become crazy at some point. This particular season opens in 1964 at a mental institution following the stories of the staff and inmates who attend it focusing on the psychology behind it all. Episodes can leave viewers scared, sad, or happy. For example, in episode ten, The “Name Game” which left us with great moments by it being action-packed and by singing the song “The Name Game” by Shirley Ellis which gives the episode its title. The creativity and originality really shows throughout this episode by the cast performing the song and the killer revealing several secrets to a woman named Kit, a patient at the…show more content…
After watching episode after episode, it never ceases to amaze me on how funny it is and how much it can make me laugh with its dry humor. It also has characters based on real people for example, season two the Insane Asylum with Anne Frank, which was based off of the Holocaust. There are countless reasons to start watching this show so I will stop here to compare American Horror Story and The Walking Dead. When American Horror Story first aired, it was talked about non stop with questions such as, “What in the world am I watching?” and would leave you with a series of questions after each episode. It’s one of a kind story lines are what has kept it going and the ending of each season left you with no cliff hangers making it feel complete and having no idea where the next season would begin. AMC’s The Walking Dead was also talked about non stop, because it was about zombies. This series also had a lot of major plot twists, keeping viewers entertained and attached. These two shows have been talked about often and will continue to be only if the producers keep generating unique

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