Thei Women Movie Analysis

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Taqwacore Kanzi Hegazi A00371262 As any other infant born to a Muslim family, I did not really have the option of choosing the religion I felt suited me the best. Till this moment I’m very uncertain about the idea of religion in general, although unsure of religions however, I know there’s something bigger and more powerful out there; I know there’s an almighty God. Before my teenage years,I was forced at times to pray and sometimes asked to be quiet when I pondered loudly about the existence of God and religions however, my parents never forced hijab on me or asked me to change who I was yet, I could always see the concern in their eyes. I always wondered what my life would have been if they allowed me to choose a religion of my own preference and practice it freely or even become an atheist or an agnostic? I was upset and rebelled through most of my teenage years, and it was a disaster. It wasn't until 3 years ago when I moved out and by time realized I wouldn’t want to belong to any other religion. I began to see Islam and God from a new horizon without dependence on others, I stopped listening to sheikhs on TV and family members because I realized that a good amount of them are not even remotely religious; they derive…show more content…
The first one being how the traditional Islam views women and the second being how women in Taqwacore act and the freedom they posses. As previously mentioned, Bilal’s Boulder’s don’t allow women at their shows. In another scene, Omar is forced to take those at the house to the mosque and says “ I can’t believe I’m taking you freaks to the mosque” someone in the background replied sarcastically, “ At least the girl decided not to come.” The theme of women was also mentioned briefly when Jehangir told Umar “ When mustafa lived here, Rabiya couldn’t even sit in the living room. No one wanted her.

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