Five Forms Of Evil

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The existent of Evil is an on going question in which is believed to exist in many forms or not at all. There are many different outlooks on evil from scientist, to your average person to religious people. Evil is believed to be real but not all is evil is looked at the same and what some consider evil others might not. The problem of evil is that it creates harm to all life. Evil comes from God but it is us humans who use it and create the harmful affects with it. Everyday is evil is present and around us. People are always in a situation where they can be involved with evil. Evil isn’t just the devil or hell, evil is having the opportunity to always make a decision or action that will create harm on you or others. Even the smallest acts of crime or harmful decisions are acts of evil. For…show more content…
There are five major forms of evil is, first The Idea that Evil is Necessary as Part of the Bodies Warning System, this form describes pain and how the infliction of pain on humans whether its physical, emotional or mental pain this pain is telling you evil is here and that pain is coming from something bad. Second is The Idea that Evil is Necessary so We May Better Appreciate God, this form shows that without bad there is no good. So by having evil we can see what is good. Third is The Idea that Evil is Punishment for Wrongdoing, this idea shows how the people who live life making evil decision’s will have evil brought on them in return but this isn’t true in all cases. For example if you live life being involved with a gang committing crimes often, it is bound to happen that those crimes will eventually catch up to you and will be end up in prison or possibly killed. The fourth form is The Result of Human Free Will. I strongly believe in this form. Free Will gives people the option to make their own decisions;
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