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I am reading Hunger by Michael Grant, which is the second novel in the Gone series. I am on page 362, but I read the first 150 pages of the book last quarter. Throughout the first half of the book, the children at Perdido Beach begin to run low on food. This prompts the leader of the group, Sam Temple, to send people intending for them to harvest food in the nearby agricultural fields. Unbeknownst to Sam, mutant worms inhabit these fields and kill a person sent to harvest the food. Also, hunger and the murder of a non-mutant eventually drive a barrier between the children with and without powers. As this is going on, Caine the leader of a nearby group, takes over the nuclear power plant with intentions to shut off power to Perdido Beach, but…show more content…
First, mutants are generally superior to the normal children. As shown in the novel, the mutants are able to contribute in a far greater amount than a normal child. This makes the non-mutants feel unwanted because the town desires more moofs to accomplish necessary tasks. Some mutants have super strength and super speed. These mutations are highly sought after as the children with the mutations can harvest food faster, clear debris quicker, and assist in more ways than regular people. This makes the normal children jealous, as they are not needed as much as the mutants are. It is in human nature to be envious of people who are greater than us, so one cannot place blame on to the children without mutations. This clearly shows that the mutants are lucky. Additionally, the mutants generally lead easier lives than non-mutants. This is shown as the freaks can complete the same task as a regular child in a fraction of the time. Obviously, this will cause great annoyance to the children lacking the mutations, as they have to work much harder than the mutants to achieve the same goal. This will also give the mutant children a large amount of confidence, and some of them may begin to act as if they are super heroes. Nobody likes a person who is cocky, so the cockiness among the freaks bothers the citizens of Perdido Beach. This is yet another reason as to why mutants are luckier than the regular citizens. Also, the freaks did not work to acquire their mutations. This explains the children’s distaste towards mutants, as this is comparable to a rich child flaunting his family’s wealth. The moofs were lucky and attained their abilities without working for them, so they have no reason to act superior to the regulars. This does not stop them from doing so because the mutants feel as if they rule the city

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