Exploring Depicted In Flannery O Connor's Unwind

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The novel Unwind is based off of the ideas of society. Children who do not behave well or are not wanted by their parents are to be unwound. This means that children from ages thirteen to eighteen are taken to Harvest Camps and are taken apart to give their body parts to other humans in need. A lawyer told Risa, an AWOL-unwind, that “100 percent of you [Risa] will still be alive, just in a divided state” (24; ch. 2). What the lawyer attempts to say is that an unwind is never dead, they are only in sections. Unwindings are a normal part of society. Connor, the protagonist, clearly explains the situation of unwind students, “That's what happens with Unwinds. Connor had known other kids at school who disappeared over the past couple of years.…show more content…
19). When children are unwound they supply for other citizens which keeps the world healthy. Unwinding is only appealing to parents, adults, and government officials. They believe they are saving the lives of other people by sacrificing unwanted children. One adult quotes at a meeting when deciding the fate of Risa, “It’s not dying, and I’m sure everyone here would be more comfortable if you[Risa] didn’t suggest something so blatantly inflammatory” (24; ch.2). Adults do not consider the foreboding feeling this society gives children. Children have to live in fear of being unwound if they do anything wrong. The kids are forced to grow up censoring themselves to be loved by their parents. The government controls the unwindings. Parents submit small slips for their children to be unwound and the government approves each of them. There are several different slips according to Conor. He thinks, “The pink copy would stay with his parents, as evidence of what they had done. Perhaps they would frame it and hang it alongside his first-grade picture”(6; ch. 1). While the government controls the unwind system, the parents control who gets

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